Fremantle Learning Focus in 2015/16

By Outcrop consulting

4 Feb 2015



With Outcrop Consulting’s recent move to the bustling city of Fremantle, Western Australia, port city employers now have the opportunity to get local advice on when, and how, to use a Learning Management System (LMS) to move their training on-line.

LMSs for Small/Medium Employers

Low-cost LMSs are now within the reach of small to medium employers due to recent changes in the on-line learning industry. You can reap the benefits of on-line delivery to your staff and agents:

  • Consistent delivery of training content to PCs and mobile devices
  • Electronic assessments to measure learning
  • Reports on completion rates
  • Tracking of recurring compliance training
  • Efficient administration of face to face training events
  • Branding to reflect your business

… all without any software installations on your premises. Outcrop can review your situation and recommend the best way to improve training effectiveness through the adoption of an LMS. Ask us how using the Quick Contact form.

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