Developing On-Line Learning Content

By Outcrop consulting

22 Sep 2014



If your LMS has ‘social’ functions, all your learners are potential content providers. But for the inevitable old fashioned content – the training material and compliance policy acknowledgements we’re all familiar with – there are a handful of key people in your organisation whose job it is to put it out there.

There are many approaches to get the content published. If your next LMS is your first, you may be able to get some funding to get much of your content converted to on-line. It’s your best opportunity to develop the business case due to cost savings, direct and indirect, of reducing the proportion of face to face instruction.

If you are onto your second or third LMS, you’ve already set your content development framework and yours is a content maintenance issue. And of course nagging at the heels of those ageing courses are competing interests to get new courses published – how’s that going?

But this article is for those starting out with on-line learning content.

These days it’s not as simple as ‘internal or external’ development. The options include:

  • Developed and maintained externally
  • Developed externally and maintained internally
  • Developed and maintained internally, using externally hosted software

Whichever method or methods you use you will depend on the expertise of your internal subject matter experts. Their availability is crucial, irrespective of whether or not you get external assistance. And don’t forget your instructional designers and performance technologists, if you are lucky enough to have some. They are a great foil to subject matter experts who can, at times, include a little too much information in their training materials.

We at Outcrop Consulting have been through the mill on all the above issues. Let us review your situation and guide you to an on-line content development framework that matches your short and medium term delivery strategy. Haven’t got one of those yet?

Let’s talk!

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