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Untitled-6With offices in Perth and Fremantle, Western Australia, Outcrop Consulting provides learning management system (LMS) expertise to organisations in the areas of:

  • Selection
  • Implementation
  • Support, and
  • Development of on-line learning content

Director and principal consultant, Ward Scarff, is an experienced HR and L&D practitioner. With over 30 years’ experience in the Australian finance and insurance industry, Ward knows how to distil the key issues that may impact the successful implementation of your first, or next, LMS.

His involvement in on-line learning started in the mid-90s when, as a learning and development professional, he did a course on ‘multi-media computing’, a forerunner of web based delivery of learning content. When Australian federal legislation changed the learning landscape in the finance and insurance industry in 2003, Ward was lead contact with his employer’s first LMS vendor while also turning his hand to pixel-pushing (developing on-line learning content).

Five LMSs and five international implementations later, he is still enthusiastic about the benefits of on-line learning and rapid, learner focused implementations. Ward speaks the language of your learning and development practitioners.


Why ‘Outcrop’ Consulting?

Untitled-6The rocky outcrop, situated about 400 metres from where Ward used to live in the remote Kimberley region of Western Australia, inspired the name of the business he established in July 2014. The outcrop is a large object that looks different from every angle, changes colour every hour of the day and usually doesn’t have a lot of people within its boundaries. Does that sound like your LMS?

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