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Outcrop’s Hosted Solution

The usual process for acquiring a Learning Management System (LMS) is further below, but if that sounds too hard, how about asking Outcrop to do it all for you with our cloud LMS solution? After branding with your Company’s logo, preferred domain name and learning content (eLearning, instructor-led courses and collaboration structures), your user accounts are imported and you’re ready to go. When it’s up and running you can have many of the administration functions handed back to you, with Outcrop providing support as needed.


For organisations new to LMSs, the concept can be daunting. How much will it cost (and how do we justify that spend)? Do we need all the bells and whistles? Can we build the on-line learning content ourselves? How do we use it for our channel partners? How do we promote it to our staff? Will it link to our HR system? How long will it take?

Untitled-6 All valid questions, but how about these additional ones … is your organisation ready for an LMS? What is your learning strategy to get you through the next 3 years? Do you have a list of must-have LMS functions you want potential vendors to demonstrate to you?

Outcrop can de-mystify the cloud (and that’s another topic) surrounding your adoption of an LMS.


So you’ve selected your first, or subsequent, LMS – what happens now? An implementation project!

Outcrop can lead your implementation project by suitably translating the requirements from your LMS vendor into language that your L&D colleagues, subject matter experts, content owners – and you – can understand.

Building learning content, data migration, LMS configuration, testing, promotion (to your core L&D group, plus staff/agents) and building effective support processes … all form part of a successful implementation.

Implementation services include project management using a web-based tool that reminds your staff of upcoming project tasks, collects their updates via email and sends project sponsors a regular summary of how it’s going – that’s efficiency.


It’s great when your LMS is ticking away, but when one or two of your key people are unavailable, things can sometimes go awry. Outcrop has experience in a range of LMSs and can provide remote support on your system – probably with an initial stint on your premises.

On-line Learning Content

Your on-line learning content development strategy – we can help with that too – can incorporate a number of development methods e.g. internal and external development are not necessarily mutually exclusive. And if you’ve been caught short on a content development project, Outcrop can step in to assist.